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Welcome to teambella, a livejournal community celebrating the character of Bella (Swan) Cullen. This community is designated to post anything relating to Bella, such as fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, and more.

Basic Rules
1. The one that I have to stress more than anything is no bashing of the character of Bella, Kristen Stewart, or Emily Browning.
There is no reason for that and if you don't care for the character, you probably don't need to be here anyway. Do not insult the actresses because there are people that like both of them as Bella and people who like one or the other. This community welcomes both of those people.

2. All posts must be Bella centered.
That being said, ANY of the other characters can be included in the posts, but she must be involved.

3. All pairings with Bella are included.
This includes AU pairings (ie: Bella/Jasper, Bella/Alice).

4. LJ cuts must be utilized when necessary.
This means teasers of wallpapers and a maximum of three icons as teasers.

5. Do not link to locked posts.
The only exception to the rule is if they are open for a specific amount of time and then later locked.

6. Please do not use a post to promote another community.
You can always contact me to affiliate.

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